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Project Description Owner Last Change
2048.git Improved version of 2048 for... 3 years ago
advboats.git Automatic boats for minetest. 3 months ago
advtrains.git Advanced trains for minetest. 14 months ago
advtrains_subwayblocks.git Subwayblocks for minetest. 7 weeks ago
atm.git Atm mod for minetest; works... 2 months ago
banish.git banish evil players in minetest 2 months ago
busy_ban.git Bar new players from joining... 4 months ago
display_modpack.git Display modpack with compatibi... 4 months ago
dotfiles.git Init files 2 years ago
dwm.git Gabriel's fork of DWM. Keybind... 15 months ago
feedlot.git Feedlot mod for minetest+mobs_redo 2 months ago
freezer.git Freezer for minetest, recipe... 4 months ago
geohash-tool.git Shows the current geohash... 2 years ago
gitweb.git Improved gitweb. 18 months ago
glass_stained.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 10 months ago Gabriel Perez-Cerezo's Website 2 years ago
gpcfhw.git Klasse für Mathematikhausaufgaben. 14 months ago
kebab.git Döner Kebab mod for minetest 4 months ago
lifter.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 18 months ago
mail.git Tools for fetching mail over SSH 2 years ago
mailbox.git Mailbox mod for Minetest 9 months ago
markers.git Markers mod for minetest,... 20 months ago
pgf-pie.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 4 years ago
places.git Commands for places on linuxwo... 2 months ago
protector.git Protectors mod with sales... 21 months ago
protector_trans.git Transition protector to areas. 20 months ago
realestate.git Real estate market mod 2 months ago
schreib.git Schreibblockade multilingual... 12 months ago
selbstverteidigung.git E-Mail-Selbstverteidigung... 3 years ago
signs.git My fork of signs_lib for minet... 6 months ago
smartshop.git Improved smartshops for minetest 3 months ago
tnt.git Multiplayer-safe TNT for minetest. 18 months ago
tools.git Shell tools (not portable) 2 years ago
voctrainer.git A small vocabulary trainer... 2 years ago
wahlen16.git Diskussion zu den Wahlen zum... 22 months ago
walkway.git Moving Walkways Mod for Minetest 9 months ago
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