Added subway signs
[advtrains.git] / advtrains / advtrains / wagons.lua
2017-02-12 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoAdded subway signs master
2017-02-05 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoMerge branch 'master' of
2017-01-29 orwell96Fix wagon properties not saved on button click
2017-01-29 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoAdded getting on and off by walking in and out. Default...
2017-01-28 orwell96Fix a crash, update translations and zip file
2017-01-28 orwell96Multiple major changes:
2017-01-25 orwell96Add forced get-on/off to prevent trains being unusable...
2017-01-25 orwell96Rewrite seating system
2017-01-23 orwell96Do not recover wagons from minetest's static storage
2017-01-23 orwell96Add intllib support and German translation
2017-01-19 orwell96Merge branch 'master' of
2017-01-19 orwell96Merge pull request #17 from gpcf/master
2017-01-18 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoMerged priv
2017-01-18 orwell96Add 'collision mercy' to get stuck trains out of walls.
2017-01-18 orwell96Add door controls and ATC commands
2017-01-10 orwell96Prevent non-initialized wagons from accidentally pollut...
2017-01-08 orwell96Clean up debug message code
2017-01-04 orwell96Purge all debug messages and change 'print' function...
2017-01-04 orwell96Restructure mod directory