2017-01-04 orwell96update makefile to new circumstances
2017-01-04 orwell96Fix bug in track database
2017-01-04 orwell96Restructure mod directory
2017-01-04 orwell96Add Automatic Train Control system
2017-01-03 orwell96add API documentation
2017-01-02 orwell96make detector code clear entries of trains that do...
2017-01-02 orwell96unify update_trainpart_properties and check_trainpartload
2017-01-02 orwell96fix discouple not disappearing and a logical mistake...
2017-01-02 orwell96Do not duplicate definitions of 'print' in every file
2016-12-31 orwell96spawn couple on train collision
2016-12-22 orwell96remove train type concept and calculate train's capabil...
2016-12-20 orwell96Turning mod into a modpack and separating the trains...
2016-12-13 orwell96Fix behavior when using get_look_yaw() instead of get_l...
2016-12-13 orwell96Don't decrease stack itemcount of slope placer in creative
2016-12-13 orwell96Implement better slope placement system
2016-12-13 orwell96increase couple validity radius
2016-12-05 orwell96try to fix damage bug
2016-12-04 orwell96fix bug about seats on wagon
2016-12-03 orwell96remove the legacy replacement lbms/abms
2016-12-03 orwell96add description, screenshot and update manual
2016-11-29 orwell96add/update crafting recipes for bumpers and detector...
2016-11-25 orwell96Fix hud not disappearing when pressing Shift+Use
2016-11-25 orwell96Delete unused textures
2016-11-24 orwell96drop player on the platform if there is one
2016-11-24 orwell96document new train controls and add combination for...
2016-11-24 orwell96change train controlling system and keybindings
2016-11-23 orwell96adjust to new close_formspec feature (minetest 0d1c959)
2016-11-21 orwell96Make mesecons optional again
2016-11-11 orwell96update readme file with recent contributions (thanks...
2016-11-11 orwell96Change names of the images mbb committed and delete...
2016-11-11 orwell96Merge pull request #10 from mbblp/master
2016-11-11 mbblpadd better textures
2016-11-11 orwell96Fix detector rails rotating when a train passes
2016-11-11 orwell96update zip fileJ
2016-11-11 orwell96fix trackplacer patternmatching issue and implement...
2016-11-10 orwell96Add detector rails
2016-11-10 orwell96remove an unnecessary dump() instruction
2016-11-10 orwell96Remove the "register_bumpers" workaround function and...
2016-11-10 orwell96tweak wagon_span values and model sizes/positions
2016-11-10 orwell96rewrite collision system again
2016-11-06 orwell96integrate mbb's new train models
2016-11-05 orwell96sandstone brick platform
2016-11-03 orwell96100th commit: disable debug messages
2016-11-03 orwell96make smoke also distribute horizontally a bit
2016-11-03 orwell96Add a box wagon
2016-11-03 orwell96move a line to correct behavior
2016-11-02 orwell96rework entity handling
2016-10-29 orwell96add 2 value sanity checks which should not be needed...
2016-10-29 orwell96fix unloaded map chunk travelling
2016-10-27 orwell96Include zip in repo, because of hosting. No .tar.gz.
2016-10-27 orwell96add .gitignore to not include the .zip and .tar.gz...
2016-10-27 orwell96shorten readme file rapidly since I always forget to...
2016-10-27 orwell96Revert "also remove two xcfs in the textures folder"
2016-10-27 orwell96Merge pull request #9 from gpcf/master
2016-10-26 Gabriel Pérez... Merge branch 'master' of
2016-10-26 orwell96add smoke: remove debug message
2016-10-26 orwell96fix crash on getting on wagon, caused by nonexistant...
2016-10-26 orwell96add smoke to steam engine
2016-10-23 Gabriel Pérez... Added makefile that creates a .zip and a .tar.gz file...
2016-10-23 Gabriel Pérez... Revert "remove all .blend and additional files that...
2016-10-22 orwell96also remove two xcfs in the textures folder
2016-10-22 orwell96remove all .blend and additional files that are not...
2016-10-22 orwell96Merge branch 'master' of
2016-10-22 orwell96make the attach position (the 'seat') selectable
2016-10-19 orwell96try to make engine animation work
2016-10-15 orwell96Merge pull request #5 from gpcf/master
2016-10-08 Gabriel Pérez... Fixed bug with protections
2016-10-06 Gabriel Pérez... Merge branch 'master' of
2016-10-06 orwell96some smaller slopes
2016-10-06 orwell96add japanese wagon and engine
2016-10-05 Gabriel Pérez... Fixed Bug introduced by bugfix
2016-10-05 Gabriel Pérez... Fixed bug (unable to send message to player)
2016-10-05 Gabriel Pérez... Fixed crash problem
2016-10-04 Gabriel Pérez... Now honors protections
2016-09-29 orwell96add acceleration calculation
2016-09-29 orwell96fix train entities moving with wrong speed
2016-09-29 orwell96add owner system to prevent random train destroying
2016-09-28 orwell96destructed wagons in survival give only steel back...
2016-09-28 orwell96adding ability for custom on_step/destroy functions...
2016-09-18 orwell96add 45 degrees vertical rails
2016-09-17 orwell96add more crafting recipes and a manual
2016-09-15 orwell96add some items to the not-blocking-trains group
2016-09-15 orwell96wtf did this file in here?
2016-09-15 orwell96relicensing under CC-BY-NC-SA and updationg readme.
2016-09-13 orwell96various improvements on signals and bumpers
2016-09-13 orwell96make switches not switchable when train is on it, and...
2016-09-13 orwell96add electric signal and rotate signals for better placement
2016-09-13 orwell96add mesecon support for switches and signals
2016-09-12 orwell96adding a signal.
2016-09-12 orwell96adding mbb's new textures
2016-09-12 orwell96Adding crafting recipes
2016-09-12 orwell96fix item drops on rails, and throw bumpers out of the...
2016-09-12 orwell96add bumpers
2016-08-30 orwell96Fix two trackplacer issues
2016-08-29 orwell96removed 2 very annoying debug messages that should...
2016-08-29 orwell96Updating readme, and branching to v1.0
2016-08-29 orwell96implement track placing algorithm better
2016-08-28 orwell96correcting an error that caused a crash
2016-08-28 orwell96correct wrongly rotated texture for subway
2016-08-28 orwell96Add a subway train (and fix spelling mistake resulting...