2017-02-12 Gabriel Pérez... Added subway signs master
2017-02-05 Gabriel Pérez... Merge branch 'master' of
2017-02-04 orwell96Commit 1.6.2
2017-02-03 orwell96pack for release
2017-02-03 orwell96fix up stuff in itrainmap
2017-02-03 orwell96Revert change to node pos hashes, and rewrite trackdb...
2017-02-03 orwell96Add quick position lookup by punching nodes
2017-02-03 orwell96add wallmounted light signal
2017-02-03 orwell96Fix itrainmap not working
2017-02-02 orwell96Merge PR from mbb: add better textures and crafts
2017-02-02 mbblpadd better textures and crafts
2017-02-02 orwell96Add documentation and pack for release
2017-02-02 orwell96LuaAutomation: Add interrupt to the ingame API and...
2017-02-02 orwell96LuaAutomation - Basic component implementation
2017-02-02 orwell96Fix collision to work with pos node hashes
2017-02-01 orwell96Lua automation - initial incomplete coding
2017-01-31 orwell96Replace all table indices that were pos_to_string strin...
2017-01-31 orwell96Join itrainmap mod into the modpack
2017-01-31 orwell96Remove lua_atc from advtrains main mod.
2017-01-29 orwell96Limit dtime to prevent trains moving too far in a singl...
2017-01-29 orwell96Add getter calls for raw nodedb
2017-01-29 orwell96Fix wagon properties not saved on button click
2017-01-29 Gabriel Pérez... Found out why collision box does not fit train
2017-01-29 Gabriel Pérez... Added getting on and off by walking in and out. Default...
2017-01-28 orwell96Fix a crash, update translations and zip file
2017-01-28 orwell96Multiple major changes:
2017-01-25 orwell96remove tunnelborer
2017-01-25 orwell96Document door animation parameters
2017-01-25 orwell96Add forced get-on/off to prevent trains being unusable...
2017-01-25 orwell96Rewrite seating system
2017-01-25 orwell96update zip
2017-01-25 orwell96Fix typo that caused crash
2017-01-24 orwell96Fix find&replace mistake that broke ATC command interpr...
2017-01-24 orwell96Fix crash when train went off track
2017-01-24 orwell96Create new models and textures for japanese train
2017-01-23 orwell96Do not recover wagons from minetest's static storage
2017-01-23 orwell96Add intllib support and German translation
2017-01-19 orwell96update zip
2017-01-19 orwell96Merge branch 'master' of
2017-01-19 orwell96Merge pull request #17 from gpcf/master
2017-01-18 Gabriel Pérez... Removed last occurrence of minetest.env
2017-01-18 Gabriel Pérez... Merged priv
2017-01-18 Gabriel Pérez... Revert "Added stop and reverse rail"
2017-01-18 orwell96Make signals work with the nodedb again
2017-01-18 orwell96Add 'collision mercy' to get stuck trains out of walls.
2017-01-18 orwell96update zip
2017-01-18 orwell96Update manual
2017-01-18 orwell96Add door controls and ATC commands
2017-01-18 orwell96Make 'print debug messages' a setting
2017-01-17 orwell96update zip file and disable debug messages
2017-01-17 orwell96Update readme.txt with contributions
2017-01-17 orwell96Add detailed steam engine contributed by mbb and Krokos...
2017-01-17 orwell96Correct view offset and wagon_span on new subway wagon
2017-01-17 orwell96Add animation for steam engine
2017-01-17 orwell96Model, animate, texture and integrate new subway wagon
2017-01-17 orwell96Download recent contributions and put them into the...
2017-01-17 orwell96Don't crash when wagons do not exist but show a warning...
2017-01-16 orwell96replace trackdb by nodedb
2017-01-12 orwell96Unite all save data (except the track database) into...
2017-01-10 orwell96zip
2017-01-10 orwell96Prevent non-initialized wagons from accidentally pollut...
2017-01-10 orwell96Fix restoring the detector.on_node table when paths...
2017-01-08 orwell96Clean up debug message code
2017-01-06 orwell96update zip
2017-01-06 orwell96Add fancy passenger wagon
2017-01-04 orwell96also print ATC reverse command warning
2017-01-04 orwell96Purge all debug messages and change 'print' function...
2017-01-04 orwell96update makefile to new circumstances
2017-01-04 orwell96Fix bug in track database
2017-01-04 orwell96Restructure mod directory
2017-01-04 orwell96Add Automatic Train Control system
2017-01-03 orwell96add API documentation
2017-01-02 orwell96make detector code clear entries of trains that do...
2017-01-02 orwell96unify update_trainpart_properties and check_trainpartload
2017-01-02 orwell96fix discouple not disappearing and a logical mistake...
2017-01-02 orwell96Do not duplicate definitions of 'print' in every file
2016-12-31 orwell96spawn couple on train collision
2016-12-28 Gabriel Pérez... Added privilege to remove trains
2016-12-22 orwell96remove train type concept and calculate train's capabil...
2016-12-22 Gabriel Pérez... Added mechanism to avoid double-detection
2016-12-22 Gabriel Pérez... Revert "Depends on Mesecons"
2016-12-22 Gabriel Pérez... Added stop and reverse rail
2016-12-20 orwell96Turning mod into a modpack and separating the trains...
2016-12-17 Gabriel Pérez... Merge branch 'master' of
2016-12-13 orwell96Fix behavior when using get_look_yaw() instead of get_l...
2016-12-13 orwell96Don't decrease stack itemcount of slope placer in creative
2016-12-13 orwell96Implement better slope placement system
2016-12-13 orwell96increase couple validity radius
2016-12-05 orwell96try to fix damage bug
2016-12-04 orwell96fix bug about seats on wagon
2016-12-03 orwell96remove the legacy replacement lbms/abms
2016-12-03 orwell96add description, screenshot and update manual
2016-11-29 orwell96add/update crafting recipes for bumpers and detector...
2016-11-28 Gabriel Pérez... Merge branch 'master' of
2016-11-25 orwell96Fix hud not disappearing when pressing Shift+Use
2016-11-25 orwell96Delete unused textures
2016-11-25 Gabriel Pérez... Merge branch 'master' of
2016-11-24 orwell96drop player on the platform if there is one
2016-11-24 orwell96document new train controls and add combination for...
2016-11-24 orwell96change train controlling system and keybindings