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2020-03-10 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoSwitch to Nodetimers, Enable shift+click master
2018-07-12 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoDo not feed horny animals
2018-02-03 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoFixed stacking bug, relicense under AGPL
2017-11-24 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoFixed stupid bug
2017-11-23 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoDirty bugfix
2017-11-23 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoAdded craft recipe for milker
2017-11-23 Gabriel Pérez-Cerezoadded Milker
2017-11-13 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoBug fix attempt
2017-11-12 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoAdded license and modularized
2017-11-12 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoInitial commit