Added German translation of the LaTeX thing, fixed typo
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2014-10-30 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoCorrected error with pandoc
2014-10-29 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoUpdated favicon
2014-10-28 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoMarkdown tags inside title tags are not supported by...
2014-10-28 Gabriel Pérez-Cerezofixed aesthetical problems
2014-10-28 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoImprovement did not improve anything
2014-10-28 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoImproved efficiency
2014-10-28 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoImproved language bar
2014-10-28 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoLanguages now sorted
2014-10-28 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoFixed yet another bug
2014-10-28 Gabriel Pérez-Cerezofound (ugly) fix for bug
2014-10-28 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoTrying to find fix for weird bug
2014-10-28 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoFixed website. TODO: find error in the script that...
2014-10-28 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoImproved script, updated page on Schreibblockade
2014-10-26 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoAnother bugfix
2014-10-26 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoFixed bug in whitespace handling
2014-10-26 Gabriel Pérez-Cerezofixed some possible bugs with filenames
2014-10-21 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoImproved cms
2014-10-21 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoFixed bug
2014-10-21 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoFixed bug in template system, now deletes temporary...
2014-10-21 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoFixed silly bug.
2014-10-20 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoFixed bug
2014-10-20 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoImproved script
2014-10-19 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoFixed bugs with template.awk script