2016-08-17 Gabriel Pérez... lowered prices master
2016-08-16 Gabriel Pérez... Changed pricing scheme
2016-08-16 Gabriel Pérez... Added pricing, also added stuff to sell areas, that...
2015-09-12 Sokomineadded option to read parameters from a local settings...
2015-09-12 Sokomineauto-set the config value for the area range
2015-09-05 Sokominesplit config values into new config.lua; added markers...
2015-07-14 Sokominechanged buy-references to protect
2015-04-09 Sokominefixed bug related to sorting areas
2015-04-05 SokomineMerge pull request #1 from CiaranG/master
2015-04-05 SokomineMerge pull request #7 from Kilarin/master
2015-03-24 Kilarinincreased number of markers
2015-03-24 Kilarincalculate cube from multiple markers instead of requiri...
2015-03-03 SokomineMerge pull request #3 from crazyginger72/master
2015-03-03 SokomineMerge pull request #4 from VanessaE/master
2015-03-03 Sokominefixed a crash with markers beeing placed in one line
2014-11-30 Vanessa Ezekowitzminetest.env:* --> minetest.*
2014-08-02 crazyginger72fixed client crash on both button dig
2014-03-22 Ciaran GultnieksSort area lists nearest first
2014-01-27 Sokominebugfix
2014-01-02 Sokomineland title register works now; stone and register try...
2013-12-31 Sokominedelete and change owner work now
2013-12-30 Sokomineadded change owner on menu level plus some menu buttons
2013-12-30 Sokominetest version; not finished yet
2013-12-28 Sokominefirst experimental version
2013-12-28 Sokominefirst commit