ADDED protector_pvp switch to disable pvp inside player's own protected areas
[protector.git] / init.lua
2015-08-19 TenPlus1ADDED protector_pvp switch to disable pvp inside player...
2015-08-04 TenPlus1Added REDO string
2015-07-24 TenPlus1Tweaked & Tidied code
2015-06-26 tenplus1protector nodes now has unbreakable=1 group added for...
2015-05-27 tenplus1Only owner and delprotect privelaged can remove protectors
2015-05-27 tenplus1Only owner can remove protectors
2015-05-12 tenplus1Tweaked code
2015-04-27 tenplus1Fixed overlap bug
2015-04-11 tenplus1Tweaked code
2015-04-01 tenplus1updated to work with 0.4.12
2015-03-02 tenplus1Show protection coords when used as tool
2015-03-02 tenplus1Using protector shows location of protection found
2015-02-13 tenplus1Added chest management buttons and ability to name...
2015-02-12 tenplus1radius fix
2015-01-20 tenplus1Signed-off-by: tenplus1 <>
2015-01-20 tenplus1Updated to work with 0.4.11 dev
2015-01-05 tenplus1Added forum link to readme
2014-11-25 tenplus1Fixed local bug
2014-11-25 tenplus1bugfix
2014-11-23 tenplus1Changed: protection field texture change
2014-11-09 tenplus1First Commit by TenPlus1