Fixed bug introduced while adding feature
[schreib.git] / schreib
2017-03-30 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoFixed bug introduced while adding feature master
2017-03-30 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoAdded feature to order languages.
2017-03-30 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoMerge branch 'master' into HEAD
2017-03-30 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoSwitch to precompiled regexp
2016-10-07 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoRevert "Revert "Removed rests of old parser""
2016-10-07 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoRevert "Removed rests of old parser"
2016-10-06 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoRemoved rests of old parser
2016-09-21 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoAdded mechanism to add links, removed oddities
2016-09-18 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoFixed bug with emacs lock symlinks, formated manpage
2016-09-15 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoNow languages always have the same order
2016-09-15 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoRedirected output to stderr, implemented quiet option
2016-09-14 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoPartially implemented the verbose and quiet options.
2016-09-14 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoChanged command syntax to match the manpage, updated...
2016-09-14 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoAdded add command
2016-09-14 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoDeploy script execution fixed, now cd's into project...
2016-09-14 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoAdded emacs integration and error codes for future...
2016-09-14 Gabriel Pérez-Cerezoschreib now searches for the project, can be run anywhe...
2016-09-14 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoChanged name of file, added --deploy option, more speci...