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Create simple websites fast, now.

Poole is an easy to use [Markdown][] driven static website generator. You write the content of your pages in Markdown and Poole creates a nice and simple site with a navigation menu. You don't need to learn a template or preprocessing engine.

Though Poole is made for simple sites, it has basic support for content generation by embedding Python code in page source files. This is a dirty merge of content and logic but for simple sites it's a pragmatic way to get things done fast and easy -- if you know Python you're ready to start.

See the original site for more information on Poole.

Please note that this project is not nearly ready, there is still a lot of work to do.

Multilingual additions:

This version of Poole includes multilingual support based on a python reimplementation of a system called dislines that splits a file into several files depending on how you have marked the contents. This has the advantage that you can have sections that all languages have in common, like code samples.


This version of Poole can add submenus. To create a submenu, add children: str to the submenu's parent page, where str is an arbitrary string. Then add to all the pages that should appear on the submenu the tag str_menu_pos: n, where str is the string you used in the tag on the parent page, n the position on the menu. To show the menus with submenus, add the following code to your page.html:

{{ menu(page) }}

To show a language list add:

{{ lang_list(page) }}
2017-03-30 Gabriel Pérez... Fixed bug introduced while adding feature master
2017-03-30 Gabriel Pérez... Added feature to order languages.
2017-03-30 Gabriel Pérez... Merge branch 'master' into HEAD
2017-03-30 Gabriel Pérez... Switch to precompiled regexp
2016-10-07 Gabriel Pérez... Revert "Revert "Removed rests of old parser""
2016-10-07 Gabriel Pérez... Revert "Removed rests of old parser"
2016-10-06 Gabriel Pérez... Removed rests of old parser
2016-09-21 Gabriel Pérez... Added mechanism to add links, removed oddities
2016-09-18 Gabriel Pérez... Fixed bug with emacs lock symlinks, formated manpage
2016-09-15 Gabriel Pérez... corrected manpage
2016-09-15 Gabriel Pérez... Now languages always have the same order
2016-09-15 Gabriel Pérez... Redirected output to stderr, implemented quiet option
2016-09-14 Gabriel Pérez... Partially implemented the verbose and quiet options.
2016-09-14 Gabriel Pérez... Changed command syntax to match the manpage, updated...
2016-09-14 Gabriel Pérez... Added add command
2016-09-14 Gabriel Pérez... Deploy script execution fixed, now cd's into project...
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