Merged macro functions
[signs.git] / init.lua
2017-10-19 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoMerged macro functions master
2017-10-19 orwell96Add sign macro functionality
2017-09-26 Vanessa Ezekowitzremove unneeded recipe for locked sign
2017-08-12 Vanessa EzekowitzMerge pull request #21 from fat115/master
2017-07-31 fat115updated intllib method (po/pot files)
2017-07-20 Vanessa EzekowitzMerge pull request #20 from tenplus1/patch-1
2017-07-19 tenplus1add nil check
2017-05-18 Vanessa EzekowitzMerge pull request #14 from AntumDeluge/settings
2017-05-13 AntumDelugeReplace deprecated methods:
2017-03-05 Vanessa EzekowitzMerge pull request #11 from MinetestForFun/master
2017-03-05 Dorian WoutersFix unplaceable signs on blocks w/ on_rightclick when...
2017-02-05 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoAdded subway line signs
2017-01-28 Vanessa Ezekowitzpass pointed_thing to on_rightclick
2016-10-04 Vanessa EzekowitzMerge pull request #7 from xisd/patch-1
2016-10-04 xisdcolored metal signs optional and display size
2016-09-15 Vanessa Ezekowitzminor API change: defaultcolor -> default_color
2016-09-15 Vanessa Ezekowitzinfinite stacks only depend on creative mode now
2016-09-15 Vanessa Ezekowitzadd default steel sign to restore-entities LBM
2016-09-15 Vanessa Ezekowitzallow custom nodes to define the text entity's size
2016-09-09 Vanessa Ezekowitzremoved metal sign -> locked wooden sign recipe
2016-09-09 Vanessa EzekowitzAllow setting default text color in sign node def
2016-09-09 Vanessa Ezekowitzadded option to specify text position when making a...
2016-09-09 Vanessa Ezekowitzremove debug stuff
2016-09-09 Vanessa Ezekowitzadd support for visible text on default steel signs
2016-09-09 Vanessa EzekowitzUse minetest_game steel sign to craft the various color...
2016-09-09 Vanessa Ezekowitzadjusted positions of all signs' entities
2016-09-09 Vanessa EzekowitzClarify comment/reason for LBM
2016-09-03 Vanessa EzekowitzMerge pull request #6 from cheapie/master
2016-09-03 Carter KolweyUse LBM instead of ABM to restore sign text
2016-05-29 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoAdded crafting recipe
2016-05-29 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoAdded signs with arrows
2016-04-24 Auke Kok"debug" is not a valid log level.
2016-03-14 Diego MartinezSupport renamed default wooden sign.
2016-03-14 Diego MartinezFirst commit.