added report on globalstep, add sample munin plugin
[smartshop.git] / Readme.txt
1 Licenses: code and media CC0
2 Version: 4r
3 Name: smartshop
4 Created by: UjEdwin
7 Like the title says, this is a smart and easy shop, that will also fit everywhere.
9 it is a mix of a vending machine, a shop, item frames and light.
11 You can toogle it unlimited or limited if you have give or creative
12 (unlimited will not take or add stuff to its inventory)
14 The "All" button will lime your stock to the inventory or and the giveline, its on as default.
16 It also works with pipeworks and aliveai
18 Additions by gpcf:
19 - Mail support: Smartshops send mails out if stock is empty
20 - Statistics: Smartshops make statistics on prices and stock
21 - Smartshops only accept items they sell via pipeworks