added report on globalstep, add sample munin plugin
[smartshop.git] / init.lua
2018-05-13 Gabriel Pérez-Cerezoadded report on globalstep, add sample munin plugin
2018-05-10 Gabriel Pérez-Cerezoadd shop count to report
2018-05-10 Gabriel Pérez-Cerezoadded function to add report
2018-05-10 Gabriel Pérez-Cerezoremove syntax error
2018-05-10 Gabriel Pérez-Cerezoadd lbm to add smartshops to stats
2018-05-10 Gabriel Pérez-Cerezofixed bug (division by nil, zero division, number of...
2018-05-10 Gabriel Pérez-Cerezoadded ability for statistics on shops (itemcount being...
2018-01-20 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoFixed crash when smartshop position unknown
2017-12-03 Gabriel Pérez-Cerezodirty fix for weird bug
2017-11-23 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoBugfix and code cleanup
2017-11-20 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoCleaned up code, made raising prices easier
2017-11-18 Gabriel Pérez-Cerezoforgot to switch back
2017-11-18 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoFixed bug that could lead to item loss.
2017-11-18 Gabriel Pérez-Cerezosolved bug with alerting
2017-11-18 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoSmartshop now uses ghost items for stuff being sold
2017-11-15 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoFixed crash with unknown objects
2017-11-15 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoAdded mail sending when stock is empty, only accept...