Migrated to python 3
[voctrainer.git] / voctrainer.py
2016-02-24 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoMigrated to python 3 master
2016-02-23 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoAdded gettext support, made gender system more flexible.
2015-12-19 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoAdded conjugation support and some examples
2015-12-19 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoSorting now ignores case
2015-12-19 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoFixed bug with data handling; updated example
2015-12-19 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoFixed bug introduced in last commit
2015-12-19 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoValues are now sorted; removed redundant code
2015-12-19 Gabriel Pérez-Cerezofixed bug
2015-12-17 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoImproved UI
2015-12-17 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoSolved bug: Now does not fail when given empty imput
2015-12-17 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoFixed bug: did not iterate over solutions
2015-12-17 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoChanged word grading mechanism
2015-12-17 Gabriel Pérez-CerezoLooks much better now
2015-12-17 Gabriel Pérez-Cerezofirst commit